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I was born and lived in New York City till the age of 12 when the family moved to Long Island. In the City we were surrounded by friends and family. We lived on the 12th floor of a 20 story building that overlooked the Palisades in New Jersey and the Hudson River. This magnificent river lay next to a wonderful park with lots of green trees, walking paths, swings and a sandbox for the kids. We were a family of 6 and we lived in a 2 bedroom apartment. Walking was our main source of transportation but we also had the subway and bus system of this great city. 

My father was an immigrant but my mother was born in this Country. My father always said, “America is the greatest Country in the World. In America a person could be anything he wanted to be, except President of the United States because you had to be born here to qualify.” He said it just took hard work and a plan. Freedom was a liberty he didn’t have in the Country he came from and he cherished it.

When we moved to Long Island, I would still travel to Manhattan and the Bronx where I would work in one of my Father’s hosiery stores.

After High School I received my BBA in Marketing from NYU and later returned to school for a Masters and Professional Diploma in Education and School Counseling from CW Post College. Over the years, I have been writing poetry and poems when I find myself sad or stressed.

A picture perfect day, a perfect couple and a perfect life.

My personal experiences are woven throughout the fabric of the book. Some of the characters and events depicted in the book have been enhanced and changed to protect the innocent and guilty.

An angel, the doctor whose immediate care saved Tina’s foot (left). The hero who found Tina (right).
An angel, the doctor whose immediate care saved Tina’s foot (left). The hero who found Tina (right).

As I started this book project and really got into it, I realized that I could express myself and put my thoughts into an interesting story. As I wrote this and discussed it with friends, I was amazed to hear how many similar stories people had with attorneys’ and the courts.

...How many readers, 14 years later, can go back in time and actually walk in the footsteps of the past?

...What about the innocent victim fighting for justice in an unjust court system?

...How many readers can identify with this type of treatment?

Originally, I wanted my story told because of all the twists and turns that had occurred. I later realized that my story reveals that life goes on and decisions we make or don’t make have consequences that lay the groundwork for future endeavors.

I found the most exceptional people when I was looking for the Angels that had saved my life. It is human nature for the common man to rise to the occasion in serious life and death situations. It is the human spirit that prevails.

I want to know about other people and their exceptional stories. I want to know how others handle life and death experiences.

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As a reader, you may identify with some of the personal experiences that Tina Morgan had in this book. If you like, I would like to hear your experiences in any of these areas. Click on one of the links below to submit your story to me by email.