The Ride: In the Air and Thru the Courts, a Book.
THE RIDE: In the Air and Through the Courts

THE RIDE: In the Air and Through the Courts

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The Ride: In the Air and Thru the Courts, is about Tina Morgan and how a plane crash in the Mexican desert changed the course of her life. Tina and her fiancé, Hunter, were on the way back home after the perfect vacation, when just 10 minutes after takeoff, the engines shut down and the plane crashed in a remote section of desert.

As Tina puts the pieces of the puzzle together, she begins to wonder whether the crash was caused by pilot error...

Tina's ride through the courts involved, hiring an attorney to help her recoup her medical expenses, only to watch him get arrested. Tina's court case is moved to New York where according to a crime investigative website, that locale has been accused of committing dastardly deeds, including judicial steering, corruption, denial of due process and obstruction of justice. In this Courthouse, Tina's case takes 11 long years.

14 years later, Tina searches for that needle in the haystack, the men who saved her life on that fateful day. The story encompasses years filled with parallels that include, Good vs. Evil, Justice vs. Corruption, Life vs. Death and Triumph vs. Tragedy. Tina learns that no matter how futile the situation seems, the human spirit must, and will prevail.

A preview of the 1st Chapter is available for download (PDF).

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